Fierce Marriage

I just stumbled upon a blog called Fierce Marriage.  I’m re-posting it here as a quick jot to save it and reference it for later after a quick, convicting read of an article entitled, ‘Is social media causing sin in your marriage?‘.  Going to come back to this soon!


I said nothing.

A couple weeks ago, we had a lock down drill at school. Lights off, crawl behind the desks and tables to hide, lock the doors, and be silent. I had 5 fourth graders with me in my office for my daily morning reading group. One of them asked what we were doing and why. I explained that we were practicing how to be safe in case somebody were to come into the school who didn’t belong there– in case a ‘bad guy’ were to come inside. The boy asked how I would know if we were safe if someone was knocking on the door, and I explained that we would stay in the room until we heard a police officer at the door.

“Police officers are good. If they knock for us to come out, we would know we would be safe.”

Then the boy — the 10-year old black boy– he said something that made my heart stop.

“No they’re not good. They’re not safe.”

And then I remembered everything. Ferguson. Riots. News. Race. Police. People. Blackness.

I said nothing.

Six Little Things

People say marriage is about The Little Things.  Based on our first 7.5 months of marriage, I agree.  Today, I’m recognizing Six Little Things that make me proud of Matt and thankful for his heart. 

1) Matt spent the majority of the day today organizing all of our photos from each of our laptops, phones, and iPads onto an Amazon Cloud.  In the process, he updated my personal computer and helped me understand iCloud. Somehow I never really understood the cloud. Even though pictures aren’t all that important to Matt, he knows how important they are to me and so he dedicated the better part of his day to helping me have access to them in an organized way. Thanks for loving me in this way, Matt.

2) He hung up Christmas lights in our apartment! Thanks for decorating our apartment with me, Matt.

3) He was more than willing, once again, to try one of my new recipes.  Tonight’s adventure was Caribbean-Style Chicken Soup with Lime and Cilantro from the Southern Living Ultimate Christmas Cookbook that his aunt gifted us over Thanksgiving. (Thanks, Aunt Jo Ann!)  It turned out fine, but it wasn’t spectacular. Thanks for eating with me, Matt.

4) He dusted our living room while I cooked and cleaned other parts of the apartment.  Thanks, Matt.

5) Every single time I came into the office area where he was working with a question or a thought, he listened and he gave me hugs. Every time.

6) He created an Amazon playlist of some of my favorite Christmas music for me to listen to while I work, and he made it project out of the TV speakers.  [I don’t know how to work any of our entertainment system stuff.]

These pictures make me proud of Matt in one way or another, too.

Being a good sport answering questions.

Being a good sport answering questions at our DC wedding shower.

We're squinting because it's bright outside!  Matt navigated all of California for us throughout the entire honeymoon trip.  One of our first stops was here in La Jolla Beach after Lauren & Alan's wedding.

We’re squinting because it’s bright outside! Matt navigated all of California for us throughout the entire honeymoon trip. One of our first stops was here in La Jolla Beach; we saw seals (or sea lions?) and water.  So much beautiful coast!