Work and Motherhood

I came across this article today on a mother’s choice to step away from her job for the sake of her family, and thought it worth saving and sharing.  I am not a mother today, but I want to be someday.  I sympathize with this woman and with what she has to say about work.  I work too much, too, and there isn’t enough time (or energy) to get everything done for work at work, nor is there enough for home. Getting everything done at home doesn’t exclude chores and cleaning, but I am referring to the work that goes into building and maintaining a strong marriage and deep friendships and involvement in our community.  Sometimes I wonder if I should step down from work before Matt and I have children of our own so that I (we) don’t have to experience the insanity, exhaustion, and stress that so many people seem to experience .

I respect and admire mothers who work at home, and I respect and admire mothers who work in an office and any other kind of place. I respect and admire people who do what they do lovingly, kindly, and well.


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